Our mission is to serve the ​Joe R. and Teresa Lozano Long School of Medicine (LSOM) and its faculty members through honoring, fostering,and advancing biomedical teaching and excellence in educational scholarship.


Our Goals are to demonstrate the LSOM commitment to excellence across the academic biomedical education continuum through:

  1. Fostering medical educators to create and sustain outstanding curricul​a, teaching, continuous quality improvement, educational research,and scholarship.
  2. Providing the LSOM and its departments with a mechanism to support career development for medical educators​.
  3. Building the academic recognition and prominence of LSOM faculty who make a career commitment to medical education, including ​through awards and support for promotion and tenure.
  4. Achieving and sustaining educational excellence throughout ​the LSOM to earn a national reputation for ​outstanding educational expertise, research, and innovation.

In doing so, we will facilitate and incentivize LSOM educators to join and build the Academy into a thriving participatory community of experts, mentors, and role-models,whose achievements measurably contribute to the institution, the profession, and the academic career advancement of self and others

The 2023 Call for Academy of Educational Scholars (AES) Membership is Open!

The LSOM Office for Faculty and the LSOM Department of Medical Education are delighted to report the third annual Call for Membership into the LSOM Academy of Educational Scholars! The AES is a service academy dedicated to excellence in biomedical teaching and educational scholarship, as detailed on the AES Website: https://uthealthsa.sharepoint.com/LSOM/Pages/AES-Member-Information.aspx

Through the dedicated efforts of the AES Members and with Dean Hromas’ support, the AES has had another very successful year despite continued challenges brought on by the pandemic and reentry.  The AES has grown to 45 members. It has selected 5 members for the current class of AES fellows, who are working to develop innovative projects that will enhance the LSOM.

Applications are due on April 15, 2023

Instructions for applications can be found here:  https://uthealthsa.sharepoint.com/LSOM/Pages/AES-Member-Information.aspx


Sylvia Botros-Brey, MD, MSCI
Executive Director
Email: botrosbrey@uthscsa.edu

Janet F. Williams, MD, FAAP
LSOM Vice Dean for Faculty
Email: jawilliams@uthscsa.edu

Lena Vega
Assistant to the Chair, Department of Medical Education
Email: vegal4@uthscsa.edu