Dual MBA Program

It is our pleasure to announce that UT Health- San Antonio will be offering an optional Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at the University of Texas at San Antonio.  This optional two-year program is designed to combine additional in-person training during the CA-2 and CA-3 years for those interested in learning advanced administrative and leadership skills.

Many physicians have difficulty transferring their clinical success with the ability to manage and lead an organization. However, it can be financially and personally cumbersome to take time away from an established practice to pursue the education and tools needed for this success. The goal of this combined degree program is to give residents the opportunity to gain the skills they need to be effective leaders in healthcare policy and organizations while simultaneously completing their clinical training.

This training and degree program, while expected to be intensive, has been designed from the ground up to eliminate redundant courses for which you have already received training during your college and medical school careers. Unlike some programs that offer an MBA “fellowship”, our program is unique in that it would not require additional time beyond the standard four-year residency training.  Participants will receive a full degree from UTSA at the culmination of their standard four-year residency training, resulting in graduating as a board-eligible anesthesiologist with an MBA degree.

Participation in the combined anesthesiology residency and MBA program is neither a requirement nor guarantee based upon acceptance into the residency, but our hope is that the best qualified and motivated residents will be excited to be selected to join the dual program.  Selection will be performed during the CA-1 year in preparation for a CA-2 start. Programs like this have been implemented nationwide and have not been shown to affect the numbers or quality of clinical experience for the residents nor has it shown to have an impact on inservice exam scores. We feel confident that this new opportunity will supplement and not deter from the residency training.

For all residents, regardless of participation in the dual program, leadership and business training will be incorporated into our didactic curriculum as well. We have updated access to several business and policy journals on our library website and have incorporated reading and discussion materials into an interactive monthly conference with our chair, Dr. Rosinia.

At UT Health San Antonio, we have a strong tradition of training highly skilled, board-certified anesthesiologists, and this exciting opportunity will help us continue to best train the future leaders in our chosen field.

Example MBA Schedule
Example MBA Schedule
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