Educational Opportunity Advisory Council

Term Expires August 31, 2024

Andre, Christine, MDAssoc. Professor/
Blount, Tabatha, PhDAssoc. Professor/
Canady, Kristen, MD, PhDResidentFamily/Community
Kuge, Elizabeth, DO, PGY-2ResidentEmergency
Debnath, Subrata, MB/BS, MPH, PhDInstructor/
Galvan, Eva, MDAsst. Professor/ClinicalRadiology
Garrett, Amy, PhDAssistant
Johnson-Esparza, Yajaira, PhDAsst. Professor/ClinicalFamily/Community
Viera Corral,

Term Expires August 31, 2025

Brigmon, Erika, MDAsst. Professor/SpecialistGeneral
Fricke, Brian, MDAsst. Professor/Clinical Rehab
Gelabert, Chris, MDAsst. Professor/Clinical Emergency
Jimenez Gutierrez, Elena, MDAsst. Professor/Clinical
Mehra, Naveen, MDAssoc. Professor/
Prasad, Veena, PhDFaculty AssociateGraduate Medical

Term Expires August 31, 2026

Valdez, Christopher, PhDAsso. Director AdminOffice for
Piburn, Kim DOAssistant ProfessorPediatric
Lopez, Eliot, PhDAssistant ProfessorPsychiatry & Sciences
Jian, Xueqiu, PhDAssistant ProfessorAlzheim Neurodegenerative

EX-Officio Member (non-voting)

Blankmeyer, Bonnie,
Administrative Assistant
McCormick, Sekinat,
Administrative Assistant
VACANT - Student
VACANT – Staff/Faculty


Angel Gonzalez, PhDAngel Gonzalez, PhD

Associate Dean,
Office of Academic Opportunity
and Educational Excellence,
Long School of Medicine

Charge of the Council

To advise and assist the Associate Dean for Academic Opportunity and Educational Excellence in developing, updating, and supporting policies and initiatives that enhance educational opportunities and performance of Long School of Medicine students, residents, and fellows from our region, as well as the recruitment and retention of faculty committed to addressing the health care needs of the underserved populations of South Texas. The Council generates real-time responses to issues and proposes action plans every May.

Terms of Appointment

Members are appointed to a term of three year on a staggered schedule with one- third of the committee completing their term of service annually. In situations where deemed necessary for efficient committee functioning. The Medical Dean may extend or shorten the period of service by any committee member. The Associate Dean, Office of Academic Opportunity and Educational Excellence, Long School of Medicine serves as Chair.


Faculty members’, house staff, staff, and students are appointed by the Associate Dean after consideration of interest survey responses and Medical Faculty Assembly Executive Committee recommendations.

Meeting Occurrences

Monthly – The Third Thursday of each month

Members (voting)


Educational Opportunity Advisory Council

February 2024