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San Antonio Medical School Gets Millions to Research Breast Cancer

August 23, 2019

UT Health Science Center Biochemistry & Structural Biology cancer researchers have made significant funding gains in recent years, in part because of the state program that pumps billions of dollar into efforts to fight the disease. Congratulations!

New Grants! ⋆ CPRIT ⋆ Welch Foundation ⋆ SAAF ⋆ NIH

May 10, 2019

Congratulations To: Dr Yuzuru Shiio for his project on “Growth Signaling in Ewing Sarcoma” – CPRIT Award for $1.2M Dr Dmitri Ivanov for his project on “Deciphering the role of dNTP metabolism in antiviral immunity, DNA repair and cell cycle control – The Welch Foundation Award for $195,000. Dr. David Libich for his project on […]