The High Throughput/High Content Screening Facility is part of a joint venture between the University of Texas at San Antonio and UT Health San Antonio called the Center for Innovation in Drug Discovery (CIDD). The CIDD was founded to facilitate the translation of basic scientific discoveries into unique research tools and tangible pre-clinical candidate drugs that can be further developed into therapies for the full spectrum of human diseases. To complement the High-Throughput Screening (HTS) Facility at the Health Science Center, the CIDD also has a Medicinal Chemistry Core Facility at UTSA, where new libraries are developed, and candidate compounds identified through screens can be optimized for further drug development.

The HTS Facility is a state-of-the-art technological hub that performs HTS of chemical and natural product libraries, including new fragment-based libraries (associated with the NMR Core Facility) and, ultimately, miRNA libraries. Screening is available with both plate readers (capable of absorbance, luminescence, fluorescence, fluorescent polarization, and other modes of detection), as well as a high content Operetta imaging microscope for automated live cell screens. Both are interfaced with robotic handling, formatting and storage capabilities for either 96 or 384 well formats. Facility personnel assists investigators in the design and development of screening assays utilizing all available assay readouts and formats. Lab space, cell culture facilities and the robotic and detection systems are also available for training of frequent users from individual labs.

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Matt Hart, Ph.D.
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Guiming Li, M.D.
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Srikanth Polusani