Instrumentation & Software (Institutional Mass Spectrometry Core Laboratory)


Instrumentation Sofware

Instrumentation Software

    Q Exactive (Thermo Fisher) – 2 eachUltimate 3000 binary rapid flow pump and autosampler, with diode array detector and fraction collector (Dionex)TriVersa NanoMate (Advion)

Data Processing


    Progenesis CoMet metabolomics software (Nonlinear Dynamics)SIEVE (Thermo Fisher)


Instrumentation Software

Instrumentation SoftwareLTQ Orbitrap Velos H/ETD (Thermo Fisher)LTQ ion trap mass spectrometer (Thermo Fisher)

6224 ESI-TOF mass spectrometer (Agilent)

Quantum-AM triple quadrupole mass spectrometer (Thermo Fisher)

DSQ gas chromatograph-quadrupole mass spectrometer (Thermo Fisher)

Voyager-DE STR MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer (Applied Biosystems)

NanoLC-Ultra 2-D HPLC system (Eksigent)

NanoLC 2-D HPLC system (Eksigent)

Paradigm MS4 2-D micro HPLC systems (2; Michrom BioResources)

Surveyor-MS HPLC, autosampler and photodiode array detector (Thermo Fisher)

Data Processing

    Mascot (Matrix Science)Mascot Distiller (Matrix Science)Progenesis LC-MS (Nonlinear Dynamics)ProMass deconvolution software (Novatia)Scaffold (Proteome Software)GPMAW (Lighthouse Data)