Instrumentation & Software (Institutional Mass Spectrometry Core Lab)


Instrumentation Sofware

Instrumentation Software

    • Q Exactive (Thermo Fisher) – 2 eachUltimate 3000 binary rapid flow pump and autosampler, with diode array detector and fraction collector (Dionex)TriVersa NanoMate (Advion)

Data Processing


  • Progenesis CoMet metabolomics software (Nonlinear Dynamics)SIEVE (Thermo Fisher)


Instrumentation Software

Instrumentation SoftwareLTQ Orbitrap Velos H/ETD (Thermo Fisher)LTQ ion trap mass spectrometer (Thermo Fisher)

6224 ESI-TOF mass spectrometer (Agilent)

Quantum-AM triple quadrupole mass spectrometer (Thermo Fisher)

DSQ gas chromatograph-quadrupole mass spectrometer (Thermo Fisher)

Voyager-DE STR MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer (Applied Biosystems)

NanoLC-Ultra 2-D HPLC system (Eksigent)

NanoLC 2-D HPLC system (Eksigent)

Paradigm MS4 2-D micro HPLC systems (2; Michrom BioResources)

Surveyor-MS HPLC, autosampler and photodiode array detector (Thermo Fisher)

Data Processing

Mascot (Matrix Science)Mascot Distiller (Matrix Science)Progenesis LC-MS (Nonlinear Dynamics)ProMass deconvolution software (Novatia)Scaffold (Proteome Software)GPMAW (Lighthouse Data)