Medicine/Division of Cardiology

Tri Te, DO

Non-Invasive Cardiology

Personal Statement:

Dr. Te grew up in a family deep-rooted in the health sciences; however, her dream of being a physician sprang from passion to know how the body works rather than from being raised by two MDs. From this attraction to the medical sciences, she developed a fascination with medicine as an art for maintaining health in human beings. During clinical rotations in medical school in her country, she found that the role of Internist, especially Cardiologist, matched her interests and abilities, discovering the stimulation of the complexity of various cases. She came to the United States in 2005, and came back to Vietnam 2006 when her mother was diagnosed with AML. Sadly, she deceased from AML in Dec 2006. Her mother’s illness is what made her painfully aware of the inadequacies of the current medical system in Vietnam at that time. She decided to come back to the United States to dedicate her life to medicine.

She went to NYCOM for medical school in the US. During the clinical rotations in her third year at medical school. She gradually developed great patient care skills through keen observational skills, a thirst for knowledge, and a capability to cater to the needs of many types of patients.

She completed her internal medicine residency training at Corpus Christi medical center and her cardiology fellowship at Medical City Fort Worth where she had excellent opportunities to expose to a variety of heart diseases. For Dr. Te, “Cardiology is one of the few specialties in internal medicine where we have the ability to actually cure patients and the ability to help people”. For her there is no greater satisfaction than telling a patient that they are cured and giving them their life back. Even if curing the patient is not an attainable goal, knowing that we have prolonged a person’s life and hopefully maintained an optimal quality of life is very satisfying.

Besides focusing on working and researching, she also participates in charity events when she has time. Becoming a cardiology faculty is a lifelong dream that will fulfill both her personal and career goals. She feels privileged to have found a career that will allows her to accomplish her aspirations: acquiring medical knowledge and sharing it with colleagues, residents, fellows, and patients, helping people and educating them to take good care of their health.