The members of the CBN have been successful in obtaining funding from competitive sources such as the National Institute of Health, the Department of Defense, the Veterans Administration, private foundations, and industry. As the graph below illustrates, CBN members bring in a disproportionate amount of research funding to UT Health San Antonio. Specifically, 52 CBN members who received NIH funding in FY20 represent 28% of all NIH-funded investigators at UT Health San Antonio but brought in 44% of total NIH funding. NIH funding to CBN investigators held stable over FY19. Overall, there are 69 CBN investigators funded from any source, representing 18% of the funded investigators at UT Health San Antonio. These CBN investigators brought in 33% of total research funding. Total CBN funding increased by 14% over FY19. In addition to R01-type individual grants, CBN members effectively obtain funding for Center Grants, Program Project Grants, Training Grants, K-awards, and our students and post docs have been very successful in obtaining individual NRSA Fellowships (F-awards).

CBN Funding Sources
CBN Funding Pecentages