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Cardiothoracic Surgery

Wendy Robinson, RN/Case Manager

Cardiac Surgery Nurse Coordinator

Personal Statement:

Ms. Wendy Robinson RN attended undergraduate nursing school at UT Austin and received her RN at Brackenridge School of Nursing in Austin. She has more than 39 years of interdisciplinary direct and supervisory clinical nursing experience in many inpatient and outpatient healthcare specialties at the start of her career to include legal nurse consulting, patient coordination and marketing for skilled nursing facilities and long term acute care as staff and an assistant director of marketing, supervisor of surgical scheduling in Urology at UT Health, diabetic teaching and neonatal care levels one and two with development of neonatal classes/ education, pediatric & neonatal ICU, nursing supervisor in home health IV therapy , day surgery , endoscopy, operating room laser office, recovery room and cardiac rehabilitation.

Wendy more recently has worked in hospital case management and hospital & physician quality management for Houston hospitals to include risk management liaison. In San Antonio she has worked as case manager for Surgical Services for University Hospital.

Currently Wendy is providing assistance and education for the whole patient and their family members before and after their cardiac surgery experience and she is available 24/7 to care for patients having transthoracic aortic valve replacement ( TAVR ), minimally invasive/ convergent procedure for atrial fibrillation, aortic aneurysm surveillance program, adult patients with congenital heart disorders, coronary artery bypass and heart valve surgeries. She directly assists residents, nurse practitioners, faculty with Cardiology and Cardiothoracic Surgery Departments and co-workers for coverage for both cardiac and thoracic areas for UT Health. She collaborates with University Hospital inpatient care, discharge planning and Cardiothoracic Surgery initiatives within the University Hospital.

Wendy enjoys sewing masks for COVID safety for co-workers, family and friends/neighbors, pottery, gardening and long walks with her dog Rosie!

Be sure to contact Wendy Robinson RN if you are seeking or are under the care of John Calhoon M.D. Professor & Department Chair, Pediatric and Adult Cardiac, A.J. Carpenter M.D., Professor Residency Program Director, Ph.D. and Edward Sako M.D., Chief Adult Cardiac Surgery for assistance.