Diversity Advisory Council

Term Expires August 31, 2020

Cruz, Inez Ph.D., LMSWSpecialistFamily & Community, Medicinecruzi@uthscsa.edu
Kitano, Mio M.D.Asst. Professor/ClinicalSurgerykitano@uthscsa.edu
Saenz, Daniel Ph.D.Asst. Professor/ClinicalRadiation Oncologysaenzdl@uthscsa.edu

Term Expires August 31, 2021

McGeary, Cindy, Ph.D.Assoc. Professor/ ClinicalPsychiatrymcgearyc@uthscsa.edu
Ogburn, Kelin, M.D.Asst. Professor/ClinicalPsychiatryogburnk@uthscsa.edu
Sakaguchi, Alan, Ph.D.Assoc. Professor/ResearchCellular & Structural, Anatomysakaguchi@uthscsa.edu
Shapiro, Mark, Ph.D.Professor/ ResearchCellular & Integrative, Physiologyshapirom@uthscsa.edu
Pozos, Joshua, M.D., M.P.H.SpecialistMedicinepozosj@uthscsa.edu
Elmi, Maryam, M.D.Asst. Professor/ ClinicalSurgeryelmi@uthscsa.edu

Term Expires August 31, 2022

Baxi, Ameya, M.D.Asst. Professor/ClinicalRadiologybaxi@uthscsa.edu
Bowhay-Carnes, Elizabeth, M.D.Asst. Professor/ClinicalMedicine/HemOncbowhay@uthscsa.edu
Cantu-Cooper, Maria, M.D.Asst. Professor/ClinicalMedicinecantum8@uthscsa.edu
Gonzalez, David, Ph.D.Asst. Professor/ClinicalNeurologygonzalezd15@uthscsa.edu
Kar, Rekha, Ph.D.Asst. Professor/ResearchCell Systems & Anatomykarr@uthscsa.edu

EX-Officio Member (non-voting)

Blankmeyer, Bonnie, Ph.D.
Ramirez, Amelie, DrPH
Moreland, Chris M.D.


Chiquita Collins

Chiquita A. Collins, Ph.D.
Vice Dean for Inclusion and Diversity, Chief Diversity Officer, Office of the Dean

Charge of the Council

To advise and assist the Vice Dean for Inclusion and Diversity and Chief Diversity Officer in developing, updating and supporting policies and programs that advance diversity and inclusion related to the School of Medicine faculty, staff, students, and other trainees, and in particular regarding recruitment, hiring, retention and promotion. The Diversity Council reports through the Vice Dean for Inclusion and Diversity and Chief Diversity Officer to the Medical Faculty Assembly.

Appointment Terms

Members are appointed to a term of three year on a staggered schedule with one- third of the council completing their term of service annually. In situations where deemed necessary for efficient council functioning. The Medical Dean may extend or shorten the period of service by any council member. The Vice Dean for Inclusion and Diversity and Chief Diversity Officer serves as Chair.


Faculty members, house staff and students are appointed by the Vice Dean after consideration of interest survey responses and Medical Faculty Assembly Executive Committee recommendations.

Meeting Occurrences

Monthly – The Third Thursday of each month, with exception of June and July.