Diversity Dialogues in Medicine

This Office for Inclusion & Diversity sponsored virtual program meets monthly September through February for an hour and half. It provides a unique learning opportunity for students to engage on a range of identity topics including but not limited to race, gender, gender identity and sexual orientation, culture, social class, generational status, and intersectionality in a safe environment. The monthly discussions will be facilitated by trained second year medical student Diversity Peer Facilitators.

We invite first year medical students to be part of crucial campus conversations, help highlight underrepresented voices and experiences, learn more about themselves and others, and engage and learn from difficult diversity and inclusion issues that affect us all.

Program Goals:

  • Foster intergroup community through a diversity of identities.
  • Explore personal experiences and societal issues that correlate with healthcare challenges and health disparities.
  • Provide tools for navigating differences on and off campus.
  • Aim to engage students in community conversations on some of the most pressing local and national issues affecting medicine.

First year medical students who complete the program will be recognized and earn a “Diversity & Leadership” certificate from the Office for Inclusion & Diversity. These students will also have opportunity to be trained and serve as a Diversity Dialogue Peer Facilitator during their second year of medical school.

For additional information about the Diversity Dialogues program please contact Joanne Bastien (bastien@uthscsa.edu) for more information.