Women in Medicine: Jeannie Harden

Jeannie Harden, MD, Assistant Professor

Reeves Inpatient Rehabilitation Medical Director
Department of Rehabilitation Medicine

Long School of Medicine

Dr. Harden serves as the Medical Director of the UHS Reeves Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit and the founding Medical Director of the UHS Pediatric Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit. She is a core teaching faculty within the PM&R Residency program and Co-PI in the department’s first clinical trial. Dr. Harden is a leader in the department who continually steps up to challenges and helps the department navigate with creative and collaborative solutions.

Dr. Harden embodies small acts of kindness. A genuine “how are you doing?”. A sincere “Thank you”. A “how can I help?”. While these, seemingly small interactions, may never make the news, and to Dr. Harden, they are second nature, so she doesn’t think twice about them; to staff, colleagues, and patients, they are a meaningful interaction when someone took the time to really care about them. And that will change the world and the face of medicine.

Dr. Harden’s Faculty Profile