Women in Medicine: Dr. Barbara Taylor

Barbara Taylor, MD, MS, Assistant Dean for the MD/MPH Program, Associate Professor

Department of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases

Dr. Barbara Taylor is one of the most kind, giving, and humble individuals I know. She has demonstrated inclusive excellence in her many professional roles: clinician, assistant dean, faculty member, leader, professor, researcher, advocate, and mentor.

Dr. Taylor demonstrates servant leadership in a variety of ways. She always made me feel like a valued member of the team by supporting my decisions, asking for and listening to my opinions and ideas, and challenging me to grow professionally. Specifically, Dr. Taylor took the time to teach and guide me in a way that exponentially advanced my skillset. With so many things on her plate, she gave me her full attention and compassion if I needed assistance.

Many across the university and community are familiar with Dr. Taylor’s achievements and contributions to the field of medicine and medical education. I am very fortunate and grateful to see the contribution she has, and continues to make, in the lives of her students and colleagues.

Dr. Taylor’s Faculty Profile