Women in Medicine: Sandra Jo Ehlers

Sandra Jo Ehlers, MD, Professor and Division Chief

Department of Pediatrics
Division of General Pediatrics
Long School of Medicine

Dr. Ehlers has proven her ability to be a creative problem solver, nimble in pivoting with the ever-changing challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. During historically unpredictable times, she arranged for the entire well-child operation to be physically moved to safely accommodate children in need of check-ups and vaccinations. This intervention was a Herculean endeavor as it involved moving staff, faculty, residents, and redirecting patients to a new office.  Because of her leadership, the General Pediatrics Division was recognized at the 2021 Shine Academy Conference with the Health Science Education Innovator Award. A former Presidential Clinical Excellence Award recipient, Dr. Ehlers remains a role model for the faculty, residents and students as well. She has been named as the most supportive faculty or resident advocate by the pediatric house staff on multiple occasions.

As division chief, Dr. Ehlers oversees twelve pediatricians and two administrative staff. This job description underestimates the depth of her involvement, as she additionally acts as medical director overseeing the clinical operations of three University Children’s Health clinics which include the resident continuity clinic, the ambulatory care clinic and the general pediatrics faculty clinic. She is directly involved in LEAN projects aimed at improving clinic efficiency. She communicates with leaders from the University Health System daily to improve the patient experience as their care is delivered by over fifty faculty and resident physicians.

Dr. Ehlers’ Faculty Profile