Women in Medicine: Sujani Bandela

Sujani Bandela, MD, Assistant Professor

Department of Neurology
Long School of Medicine

Dr. Sujani Bandela has been an integral member of the Neurology Stroke Team and major contributor in progressing neurology resident education. Dr. Bandela assists her fellow stroke faculty members as a sub-investigator on their clinical trials. In addition to providing support, Dr. Bandela is also spearheading a Tenecteplase vs Alteplase study with Dr. Lee Birnbaum and Gretchel Gealogo. This study was developed by both Dr. Bandela, Dr. Birnbaum, and Gretchel Gealogo and it is run through the Lone Star Stroke consortium. Its primary objective is to demonstrate the effectiveness Tenecteplase in in ischemic stroke patients in Texas. Dr. Bandela is actively striving to bring grant money into the stroke research team to support current and new studies.

Dr. Bandela has shown a passion for developing quality improvement projects to improve both physician education and care of neurology patients. Dr. Bandela is currently working on developing a quality improvement study to enhance the stroke team’s response to inpatient stroke to better patient outcomes. Dr. Bandela also actively contributes to neurology resident didactics. Dr. Bandela is also a joy to work with by exhibiting patience and respect for both her colleagues, research team, and patients.

Dr. Bandela’s Faculty Profile