Grand Rounds – “Human Trafficking: Common Myths, Fact-Based Data, and How to Recognize and Respond to Suspected HT in the Healthcare Setting”

Event Date & Time

January 29, 2020 at 12:30pm - 1:30pm


Robert B. Green Campus, 5th Floor, Foundation Room, 903 W Martin St, San Antonio, TX 78207

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Muriel Lanford will present the following:

Human trafficking (HT) has gained more attention in recent years, but many misconceptions persist due to the way HT is often portrayed in movies, television, and other popular media.  Front-line healthcare providers are in a unique position to encounter trafficked individuals, but many providers have received little to no education and training on the issue.  This presentation will address common myths, discuss fact-based data, and introduce ways that healthcare professionals can recognize and respond to suspected HT in the healthcare setting.

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About the Speaker(s)

Muriel Logan, MSN, RN, TCRNMuriel Lanford, MSN, RN, TCRN

Ransomed Life Organization

Ms. Lanford is a trauma nurse of 30+ years, who has conducted trauma seminars around the country for many years. Since 2015, she has volunteered with a local non-profit that fights human trafficking (HT). In that role, she participates in public speaking & events to raise awareness of the problem locally. In relation to the encounters within her professional career, she has become passionate about raising HT awareness with her colleagues in healthcare.