DatePresenter's Name/TitlePresentation Title
October 16, 2019No Grand RoundsProcedure Workshop
October 23, 2019No Grand RoundsIn Training Exam
October 30, 2019Adriana Sanchez, MD, PGY3
Chi Stasio, DO, PGY2
Reethu Nayak, MD, PGY3
Top POEMs of 2018: Infectious Disease
“Subacute Cough Treatments: Limited Data, Unclear Benefits”
“Five-Day Nitrofurantoin Superior to Single-Dose Fosfomycin for Women with Uncomplicated UTI”
“Increased Water Intake Decreases UTI Recurrence in Women”
November 6, 2019Stacy Ogbeide, PsyD, MS, ABPPTreating Posttraumatic Stress Disorder with a Prolonged Exposure Protocol within Primary Care Behavioral Health: A Case Example
November 13, 2019Adriana Saenz, MD, PGY3
Wendy Lin, MD, PGY2
Eva Vosta, DO, PGY3
Top POEMs of 2018: Pain
“Non-Opioids Equivalent to Opioids for Severe Chronic Back, Hip, or Knee Pain with Fewer Adverse Outcomes”
“Ibuprofen + Acetaminophen Equals Opioid + Acetaminophen for Acute Severe Extremity Pain”
“Gabapentin and Pregabalin Not Effective for Low Back Pain With or Without Radiculopathy”
November 20, 2019W. Ross Lawler, MD"Hypertension"
November 27, 2019No Grand RoundsHoliday
December 4, 2019Kennedy Tlaseca, MD, PGY3
Juliana Zamora Cubillos, MD, PGY3
Nida Hussain, MD, PGY3
Top POEMs of 2018 - Behavioral Health
December 11, 2019Philip Luber, MD"Co-Production of Feedback for Resident Growth and Development"
December 18, 2019Renee del Carmen, MD, PGY3
Valerie Davis, MD, PGY3
Top POEMs of 2018- Screening
December 25, 2019No Grand RoundsHoliday
January 1, 2020No Grand RoundsHoliday
January 8, 2020Deepika Ram, DO, PGY3
Maryse Bakouetila, MD, PGY2
POEM 2018 - Screening
January 15, 2020James Tysinger, PhD"Learner Autonomy and Coaching"
January 22, 2020No Grand RoundsResident Ranking
January 29, 2020Muriel Lanford, RN "Ransomed Life/Human Trafficking "