9th Annual Vaccine Development Center of San Antonio Conference

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November 11, 2021-November 11, 2021



Event Details:

2021 has been the year of the vaccine

After much discussion, the Vaccine Development Center of San Antonio (VDCoSA) has decided to gather virtually to bring together the best and the brightest to discuss all things vaccines from A (antigens, adjuvants, antibodies) to V (vectors, variants, vaccination) and everything in between. We're looking to uncover innovative answers, contemplate provocative questions and bring together science champions to identify those crazy ideas that just might work.

So far, we’re spreading the good word throughout our San Antonio neighborhood: Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), Texas Biomedical Research Institute (TX Biomed), The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (UTHSCSA) and University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA).

This year, we're asking you to gather your collaborators (no plane tickets necessary), invite your thought leaders and join us for the 9th Annual VDCoSA Conference. We’ve carefully crafted an incredible lineup of presenters who are prepared to introduce you to new strategies, insights and know-how to foster that spark of biomedical innovation.

Registration and abstract submission closes October 28, 2021. Sixteen Rapid-Fire Speakers (graduate students, postdocs, undergraduate students, or staff scientists) will be selected from the abstracts and invited to give a ten-minute talk.

Keynote Speakers

Joana Carneiro da Silva
Professor, University of Maryland School of Medicine
Her research group applies evolutionary genetics and genomic sciences to basic and translational research of parasitic infectious diseases.

Stuart Levitz
Professor, University of Massachusetts Medical School
His research group uncovers the mechanisms by which the immune system controls specific fungal pathogens and the strategies that fungi utilize to circumvent host defenses.

Balaji Narasimhan
Professor, Iowa State University
His research group focuses on the molecular design of nanoparticle-based platform technologies that can be broadly used to prevent and treat diseases.

Richard Plemper
Professor, Georgia State University
His research group specializes in myxovirus pathogenesis and the development of therapeutics against myxovirus infection

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