Master’s Degree in Immunology & Infection

The Master of Science in Immunology & Infection (MSI&I) degree program allows training in a health science campus environment with direct access and constant exposure to the biomedical community. The program ensures that our graduates will experience first-hand, and in ways unavailable to students at non-health campuses, how their training is relevant and applicable to the health care, biotech and educational professions.

All graduate students are trained by world-class scientists and educators in a cutting edge 21st century environment. The program offers classroom and laboratory training concerned with fundamental scientific principles that link immunology and microbial infection. The curriculum achieves two main objectives: provides an extensive knowledge base of fundamental scientific principles through classroom instruction and then provides in-the-laboratory opportunities to develop skills of problem solving and clinical application.

Thus, the curriculum and two-year progression through the MSI&I degree program are designed to integrate the fields of immunology and infectious disease (i.e., microbiology) so as to provide a big-picture multidimensional view of host pathogen relationships. This will produce graduates who are also multidimensional, and prepared to contribute solutions to countless challenges that face our biotechnology research and development industries, health care infrastructure, and teaching needs. The MSI&I program is not designed simply to become just another line in a student’s resume, but to offer a rigorous and full experience that will produce thinkers and problem solvers.

Commitment to Underrepresented Minorities

UT Health San Antonio is designated as a Hispanic-Serving Institution by the U.S. Department of Education. Thus, UT Health San Antonio and the Department of Microbiology, Immunology & Molecular Genetics have a long history of recruiting and retaining underrepresented racial/ethnic minority students into our programs. We look forward to receiving applications from the large population of Hispanic students in Texas, and particularly in South Texas.


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Contact Information

Peter H. Dube, Ph.D.

Program Director

Elizabeth Spillmann

Programs Coordinator
(210) 567-3952

Application Deadline:

April 1 (Priority)
May 31 (Final)

Program Information:

Program Activities:

  • Lab Research under faculty mentor
  • Weekly Journal Clubs
  • Seminars by internationally renowned speakers
  • Annual Retreats/Conferences
  • Socials and other networking events
  • Carolina Cantu: Aging Affects Each And Every One Of Us

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