Neurocritical Care Medical Student Elective

Course Title:  Neurocritical Care

Faculty Director: Ali Seifi, M.D., FNCS, FCCM

Location:  University Hospital, 8th floor Skytower ICU

Length of Rotation:  4 weeks

Max students per rotation: 3


Course Description:

The goal of this elective is to give students exposure to the specialty of neurocritical care.  Students will act in the role of intern, taking responsibility for 2 patients.  They will gain knowledge in the multi-system aspect of critical care along with the unique aspects relating to patients with central nervous system disorders/injury.  Students will have ample opportunity for procedures including: arterial line placement, central line placement, intubation, bronchoscopy.  They will also learn about ICP monitors, EEG and neuroradiology.  Students will be supervised by interns, residents, advanced practice providers as well as neurocritical care faculty.


Course Objectives:

1.  Follow 2 patients which includes daily rounds with a comprehensive history and physical exam and development of a multi-system assessment and plan

2.  Demonstrate effective and accurate ICU documentation for daily notes, procedures and family conferences.

3.  Learn effective communication skills with team members, consultants, patients and families.

4.  Incorporate practice-based learning which involves self-directed learning and evaluating current literature on topics related to patient care.

5.  Development of systems-based practice which incorporates cost-effective resource utilization as well as understanding the larger health care picture in terms of disease prevention and post-hospital care.

6.  Learn the importance of professionalism and respect and as it relates to daily interactions with patients, families and colleagues.


Call Requirements:  none

Hours:  Monday –Friday 5am-5pm; 2 weekends/month


Didactic Requirements:

1. Attend neurosurgery grand rounds on Friday mornings.

2.  Case presentation or journal article presentation at the end of the rotation

3.  Attend Neurocritical Care M&M

4.  Attend Neurocritical Care journal club


Please also refer to NeuroICU orientation document on UT Health neurosurgery website: