Dr. Asif Maknojia smiling for his staff photo.

Asif Maknojia, M.D. (Alumni)

Graduated 2018


Albany Medical College, Albany, NY (August 2007)
M.D. (May 2011)
Undergraduate - University of Toronto, 1 Kings College Circle, Toronto, ON. Canada
Immunology (August 2003-May 2007)
B.S. (May 2007)
Passed USMLE 1 (July 2009)


12/2009 –

Albany Medical Center, Albany, NY Student Researcher, Dr. John German Engaged in a retrospective case review of seven neurosurgical patients with propofol infusion syndrome(PRIS). Worked to elucidate factors conferring susceptibility to PRIS in these patients. Concurrently worked to identify indicators affecting prognosis and those that would be useful allow for early detection of PRIS.

08/2006 – 06/2007

MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX Student Researcher, Dr. Chen Dong Identified proteins involved in the signaling cascade leading to TH17 cell differentiation. Help elucidate the cytokines in stimulating differentiation of precursor T helper cells into TH17 cell lineage. Created luciferase reporter vectors to study STAT3 and RORg and RORa in the differentiation of precursor T helper cells.

06/2006 – 08/2006

University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada Student Researcher, Dr. Richard Collins Analyzed the effect of different mutations on ribozyme’s self cleaving functionality. Performed run-off transcriptions and gel purification of unstable RNA. Conducted time course experiments at different conditions and different pH’s to create a pH profile of the enzyme activity. Published in PNAS journal.

Awards & Accomplishments

  • Albany Medical College Letter of Academic Excellence. Health Care and Society Letter of Excellence


  • Alpha Omega Alpha (Member of AoA)
  • American Medical Students Association


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Shalev I, Wong KM, Foerster K, Zhu Y, Chan C, Maknojia A, Zhang J, Ma XZ, Yang XC, Gao JF, Liu H, Selzner N, Clark DA, Adeyi O, Phillips MJ, Gorczynski RR, Grant D, McGilvray I, Levy G.. The novel CD4+CD25+ regulatory T cell effector molecule fibrinogen-like protein 2 contributes to the outcome of murine fulminant viral hepatitis.. Hepatology.2009 Feb; 49(2): 387-397. Cited in PubMed; PMID: 19085958.

Smith, D and Collins, R. Evidence for proton transfer in the rate-limiting step of a fast-cleaving Varkud satellite ribozyme.. PNAS.2007 Apr; 104(14): 5818-5823. Cited in PubMed; PMID: 17389378.