Our fellowship educational program includes a formal course in biostatistics and numerous weekly conferences. Didactic instruction involves both basic science and clinical aspects of maternal and fetal medicine.

The Maternal-Fetal Medicine Didactic Conference is held each week and presentations on selected topics are given by the Faculty. Topics are selected to review fundamental and current information on Maternal-Fetal Medicine as outlined in the ABOG’s “Guide to Learning in Maternal-Fetal Medicine”. MFM journal clubs are held monthly in the basic science and clinical areas.

A journal club format is utilized periodically to discuss recently published articles of special significance. Topics and articles are selected from major areas of interest in Maternal-Fetal Medicine. The Journal Club encourages fellows to keep abreast of new ideas and technical development, and often generates novel research investigations. Our fellows also lead quarterly OB/MFM journal club for the core OB/GYN residency.

Other fellow-level conferences include the Multidisciplinary Prenatal Diagnosis Conference and Perinatal Mortality Conference both held monthly and led by the fellows. Placenta Accreta/Percreta QI conference, OB Critical Care QI conference, and Severe Morbidity and Mortality Review conference are each held monthly and are part of the fellowship curriculum.

Mini-lecture series on genetics/reproductive medicine, ultrasonography, and research design/statistics are also held annually during the fellowship. In addition, all fellows are expected to enroll in, and complete, online and imaging requirements to attain certification for nuchal translucency (NTQR), cervical length (CLEAR), and fetal echocardiography (Fetal Medicine Foundation) assessments. The Society of Maternal Fetal Medicine Lecture Series and GOHO/SMFM Ultrasound Lecture Series are also integrated into the fellow’s education.

In addition to the fellow level didactics, the fellows attend and sometimes lead the Antepartum Care Conference (held weekly on Fridays), Maternal Morbidity and Mortality Conference (held Wednesdays), and Maternal Morbidity Common Cause Analysis Conference (held quarterly).