Sekinat K. McCormick, M.D. featured in this year’s Women in Medicine Month

sekinat mccormick, md

“Dr. McCormick is a shining example of why we should break down stereotypes within medicine. Her path and her leadership definitely exemplify her trailblazer status. We take care of many patients from border towns in South Texas. Many of these children are born here in the USA, but their parents were not. Some in the media would refer to these children as “anchor-babies”. Dr. McCormick shows us that these children are what anchor us in medicine. These children are vulnerable, and she travels to Laredo, Texas for free clinics every other month. She also oversees transport of these children past the checkpoints so they can come to San Antonio for much needed medical care. She has worked with embassies, the Department of Homeland Security, and even local charities to bring these children up to the medical center and allow their families to be here for their surgery. Sekinat McCormick is an advocate. Dr. McCormick is a leader at UT Health San Antonio. She is deeply involved with our department, hospital, and medical school. In addition to this, in her free time, she is a leader in the Ruth Jackson Orthopaedic Society, The Perry Initiative, and the National Hispanic Medical Association. She actively works to open medicine up as a career for young people of all backgrounds, beliefs, and ethnicities.”

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