Fellows Corner

What an amazing year!

My name is Heather Chambers, and I am the 2017-2018 UT Health San Antonio Orthopedic Sports Fellow. This year has been an awesome experience! ​When you’re interviewing for fellowships, you will hear over and over again, that you are hands on. However, at UT Health San Antonio that is the real case. From day 1 you are in the operating room almost everyday of the week. The staff have an amazing approach to gradually let you start increasing your participation in the cases, until you feel comfortable to complete them by yourself. Your staff is always there to answer questions, give tips or tricks and help guide you when you need it. There is enough variation in techniques and approaches to problems that you can easily leave this program with a Plan A, Plan B and a Plan C in the operating room (Just in case).

The majority of the cases are going to be bread and butter sports cases. However, you have the unique opportunity to work with ankle, hand or arthroplasty surgeons when you want to. For me personally, I planned on working in a smaller town so when I expressed interest in performing more arthroplasty, they were more than happy to accommodate!

You get plenty of game/team coverage. The staff cover 45 local high school teams as well as college teams including UTSA, which is a D1 school. Also, as the fellow, you can attend as many of the Spurs games that you want with the staff. If you have interest in covering any other sports or events, all you have to do is ask!! Ive helped cover things from soccer to the Final Four that was in San Antonio this year.

The staff are wonderful and are interested in your education and advancement. They were great when it came time for me to interview for positions. On top of that, I actually had a baby during my fellowship year, and the staff were very accommodating and understanding.  I would absolutely pick this program again!

Heather Chambers, M.D.

Feel free to email me with questions.

Heather Chambers Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Fellow Profile