Areas of specialization

dr. rajani with patientOrthopaedic oncology

The Orthopaedic oncologists are uniquely equipped to deal with the stressful issues of bone and soft tissue tumors.

broken bones x-ray

General orthopaedics

Our general Orthopaedics doctors can diagnosis and treat patients with disorders of the bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, and skin.

dr corley with patient

Hand and plastic surgery

Whether it’s a trigger finger or a broken wrist, our hand and plastic specialists can help you regain lost functionality.

feet and anklesOrthopaedic foot and ankle

Our physicians can help you get back on your feet so you can get back to what you enjoy in life.

shoulder x-rayShoulder & elbow surgery

Baseball player or knitter of sweaters, shoulder pain can be a major issue in your life.  UT Health shoulder surgeons can fix a problem shoulder.

stock image of back and spineSpine surgery and scoliosis

Back pain and spinal disorders can be debilitating. If you are experiencing a herniated disc, congenital spinal deformities or spinal tumor, the Orthopaedic spine doctors from the UT Health San Antonio can help get you back to a healthy, pain-free life.

sheri huehn pt with patientPhysical therapy

When you are recovering from an injury, dealing with pain or weakness, experiencing dizziness or falls, or healing from a surgery, the physical therapy team at UT Health San Antonio is here to help you.

Orthopaedic trauma and post-traumatic reconstruction

Wnen life and limb is on the line, our Orthopaedic Trauma team is here to repair damaged bones and soft tissues to get you back to your life.

hip implant x-ray

Hip & knee replacement

There are many reasons for joint pain.  Sometimes it’s best to modify or replace the shoulder or hip joints to restore mobility and quality of life.  Our arthroplasty surgeons can help you regain your mobility and lifestyle.

dr green with knee patient

Sports medicine

Our sports medicine doctors will help you stay in the game with education, science and clinical expertise.

dr hogue with pelvis

Pediatric orthopaedics

Our pediatric orthopaedic surgeons are not only amongst the best qualified, but are also some of the most caring.

Clinical Information

Our Orthopaedic specialists can serve you in multiple clinical location in the greater San Antonio metro area.

pt steve cox with patient

I was referred to MARC PT for pain in both of my feet. My right foot would really hurt after playing a round of golf. Steve Cox, my physical therapist,  introduced me to dry needling therapy and I felt significant improvement after just one session, but remarkable improvement after four sessions. I have had moderate relief of fatigue but significant relief of pain.

– Frank V.