Blane Trautwein, Ed.D., CED


Dr. Blane Trautwein is and Associate Professor and the Program Director of the Deaf Education and Hearing Science (DEHS) Program at the UT Health San Antonio. He was formerly a teacher and later principal at Sunshine Cottage School for Deaf Children. Dr. Trautwein has an undergraduate degree in deaf education and graduate/doctoral degrees in educational leadership.

Dr. Trautwein is recognized as a national leader in the field of deaf education with an emphasis on listening and spoken language. He has co-presented and co-authored about the topic of reciprocal peer coaching/mentoring in the professional preparation and continuing education of deaf education educational faculty. The DEHS Program was awarded a Department of Education/Office Special Education and Rehabilitative Services personnel preparation grant recognizing research in this area in 2010, 2013, and 2017. He serves as the co-executive director of the Council on Education of the Deaf. Dr. Trautwein was awarded a UT Health San Antonio 2012 Presidential Teaching Excellence Award.


  • DEHS 5005 Factors in Child Language Acquisition
  • DEHS 6004 Curriculum Modifications for Children with Hearing Loss
  • DEHS 5001 Foundations of Deaf Education
  • DEHS 5021 Teaching/Management Apprenticeship I
  • DEHS 6022 Teaching/Management Apprenticeship II
  • DEHS 5011 Language Development (Lab)
  • DEHS 6008 Speech for Hearing Impaired Children (Lab)