Audiology Graduate Student 2nd Year Summer Clinical Rotation Site

2 month summer clinical rotation for 2nd year Audiology graduate students. Provides exposure to primarily adult diagnostic audiometric evaluations, as well as hearing aid and tinnitus management solutions (approximately 95% adult and less than 5% pediatrics).
Essential Responsibilities:
Under the direct supervision of a licensed audiologist:

  • Provides diagnostic audiometric evaluations including ototoxic monitoring
  • Fits, programs and dispenses hearing aids and other custom ear products 
  • Provides tinnitus management and support 
  • Counsels individuals with auditory disorders and their families and other service providers regarding the etiology of the disorder and its management. 

Minimum qualifications:

  • Current enrollment in Au.D. program and eligible for clinical externship

Application Requirements:

  • Letter of recommendations from a clinical supervisor
  • In-person interview (phone interviews will be considered on a case-by-case basis) 


Contact Information:
Allyson Pratka, AuD, MBA