Pediatric Tumor Board: The pediatric tumor Board meets every Wednesday. Patients with common diagnoses such as leukemia, lymphoma, sarcoma, and brain tumors are presented for diagnostic review and discussion of management options. This is a weekly multidisciplinary conference in which experts in pathology, genetics, surgery, radiology and psychology discuss the latest diagnostic and treatment information in pediatric cancer. This forum ensures that each case receives focused attention and review in order to maximize treatment options and enrollment in clinical trials. As a service to other healthcare providers, pediatric tumor board is open to all San Antonio pediatric specialists dealing with children’s cancer. For more information contact┬áDr. Shafqat Shah.

Pediatric Hematology Conference: On the 3rd Wednesday of each month, topics in pediatric hematology are presented. For more information, contact Dr. Melissa Frei-Jones.

Senior Electives: An approved senior selective for fourth year medical students is offered, catalog number PEDI 4013. Students participate in inpatient service and outpatient clinics in hematology, oncology, and immunology. Emphasis is placed on acquiring and enhancing skills needed in the diagnostic evaluation, therapy and follow-up of these subspecialty patients.

Research Electives: Interested medical students and residents are encouraged to contact individual faculty regarding specialized research electives. Currently active research programs include cancer genetics, epidemiology, cardiac late effects, leukemia, health services, delivery research, pediatric drug discovery research and pediatric liver tumors.