Anthony J. Infante, M.D., Ph. D

Professor and Associate Chairman for Research and Academic Affairs

Children’s Immunology Clinic

Phone: 210-567-0510

M.D., Indiana University, 1978
Ph.D., biological chemistry, Indiana University, 1977
B.S., chemistry, Ball State University, 1972

Fellowship, immunology, Stanford University, 1981-83
Fellowship, immunology, Mayo Foundation, 1980-81
Residency, pediatrics, Mayo Clinic

Board Certification:
Pediatrics, 1989, 1997, 2004

Recent Publications:

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Infante AJ, McCullers, Jonathon A, Orihuela CJ. Mechanisms of predisposition to pneumonia: Infants, the elderly, and viral infections In: Brown, Hammerschmidt & Orihuela, eds. Streptococcus pneumoniae: Molecular mechanisms of host-pathogen interactions. 2014.

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Primary immune deficiency, rheumatologic, and autoinflammatory diseases. Clinical trials of immunoglobulin products, vaccines, and other biological agents. Inter-professional education