Welcome new faculty member, Dr. Noboru Hiroi, Ph.D.

Noboru Hiroi
Noboru Hiroi, Ph.D.

Dr. Noboru Hiroi, Ph.D.Dr. Hiroi, joined the Department of Pharmacology June 1, 2019 as Professor of Pharmacology.  He was recruited from Albert Einstein College of Medicine.  His primary aim of research laboratory is to more fully understand the genetic bases of nicotine dependence and 22q11 syndrome.

Determining the genetic mechanisms of psychiatric disorders is challenging and complex for two main reasons. First, the diagnostic criteria of neuropsychiatric disorders are often not based on the underlying mechanisms of the disorder. Second, individual genes contribute to neuropsychiatric disorders in complex ways; each gene may affect only select elements of each neuropsychiatric disorder. Partly due to these reasons, association studies between polymorphisms of single genes and clinically defined neuropsychiatric disorders have yielded inconsistent results and are difficult to replicate. Our research aims to overcome these two obstacles in the study of nicotine dependence and 22q11 syndrome.

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