Congratulations to Dr. Kelly McGlothen-Bell for the Academy Jonas Policy Scholar Program’s 2019-2020 cohort.

Kelly McGlothen-Bell, PhD, RN, a posdoctoral fellow in Dr. Lisa Cleveland’s lab, has been selected for the the Academy Jonas Policy Scholar Program’s 2019-2020 cohort.

Launched in 2014, the Jonas Policy Scholars program, generously funded by Jonas Philanthropies, supports early-career scholars seeking to shape nursing practice, education, and research policy.

The Academy Jonas Policy Scholars program is a two-year fellowship program in which up to six highly-qualified doctoral students, post-doctoral fellows, or recent doctoral graduates (within 2 years of graduation) in nursing will be selected to learn about the policy work of the Academy while they advance their own career goals in areas aligning with the Academy’s policy priorities.

The three components of the Jonas Policy Scholar program are mentoring, policy, and engagement. It is this three-pronged approach that makes this program unique.


Each scholar will be paired with a member of the National Policy Mentoring Council (NPMC) who will serve as their mentor throughout the two-year program. In addition to bimonthly one-on-one mentoring sessions, members of the NPMC will also provide policy lectures to the entire cohort in their area of expertise.

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