Dr. Randy Strong receives P30 grant for the Nathan Shock Center

J. Randy Strong, Ph.D.
J. Randy Strong, Ph.D.

Congratulations to Dr. Randy Strong for being awarded the Nathan Shock Center P30 – 5 year grant.

Nathan Shock Centers of Excellence

The Division of Aging Biology (DAB) of the NIA funds Nathan Shock Centers of Excellence in the Basic Biology of Aging across the U.S. There are currently six funded Centers, in Maine (The Jackson Laboratory), Texas (University of Texas Health Sciences Center in San Antonio), Washington (University of Washington), New York (Albert Einstein College of Medicine), Oklahoma (University of Oklahoma Health Science Center), and Alabama (University of Alabama at Birmingham).

What do the Nathan Shock Centers do?

The Centers provide leadership in the pursuit of basic research into the biology of aging. They do so through a Research Development Core which administers small start-up funds locally, and organizes national annual meetings to highlight specific areas of research.

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San Antonio Nathan Shock Center

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