Grace Porter Researches Psychiatric Disorders

March 21, 2018

Grace Porter has always been interested in psychology. She started taking science classes while she was an undergraduate student at Kent State University and applied to do research in a behavioral neuroscience lab. “Ever since I was a kid, I knew I wanted to do something in psychology….the idea that someone’s perception of reality is […]

Former Pharmacology graduate student, Raehannah Jamshidi, celebrates Match to Residency Program

March 19, 2018

Please help me congratulate the outstanding residency match for our 2018 MD/PhD  graduates. Each of them matched to terrific residency programs at the top of their list. We truly wish them the best of luck in their future careers as Physician-Scientists. Read Full Article

Pharmacology Professor Susan Mooberry, Ph.D., featured in: ‘Could Great Lakes fungi and Cheerios lead to cancer cure?’

February 28, 2018

A cure to childhood cancer may be hidden in fungus discovered at the bottom of the Great Lakes and nurtured on Cheerios. While the breakfast cereal came from Walmart, the fungi were found in the Midwest’s own backyard: the bottom of the Great Lakes—which until recently have been hardly touched in the world of fungal […]

Congratulations to Pharmacology Postdoctoral Fellow Brenda Gannon, Ph.D., for having her abstract featured at EB 2018!!!

February 28, 2018

Brenda Gannon’s, Ph.D., abstract, titled: Reinforcing Potency and Effectiveness of Synthetic Cathinones: Potency versus Selectivity for DAT has been selected to be featured at EB (Experimental Biology) 2018. The five EB host societies are collaborating to feature 10 posters from each society at this joint society reception. This opportunity is in addition to presenting her […]

David Morilak, Ph.D.,

Morilak Lab Receives CPRIT Grant To Study Cognitive Impairment

February 27, 2018

The Cancer Prevention & Research Institute of Texas has awarded David Morilak, Ph.D., from UT Health San Antonio, a research award of $899,547. The funds will be used to study mechanisms and new treatments for cognitive impairment associated with a type of hormone treatment used in men with prostate cancer. Dr. Morilak is a professor […]

Pharmacology Professor Susan Mooberry, Ph.D., featured in: ‘Drug from Bat Flower shrinks resistant tumors’

February 12, 2018

There is nothing bleaker to a family than being told that their loved one’s cancer has stopped responding to chemotherapy and there are no more options. UT Health San Antonio and spinoff company Terrona LLC want to end that. “We can help patients for a time, but there comes a point when we do not […]

Congratulations Deanna Apple, Ph.D.!!!

January 19, 2018

On January 19th, 2018, Neuroscience graduate student Deana Apple (pictured left) presented her dissertation defense titled: ‘Effects of calorie restriction on the aging neural stem cell niche’ to a lecture hall audience, whose members included her defense committee. She then went through a review of her dissertation and a question and answer process with the […]

David Morilak, Ph.D.,

Pharmacology Professor and CBN Director David Morilak, Ph.D., has paper published in the Journal of Neuroscience (01/2018)

January 15, 2018

In The Press – Pharmacology Professor and CBN Director David Morilak, Ph.D., has paper titled: ‘Activity in the ventral medial prefrontal cortex is necessary for the therapeutic effects of extinction in rats’ published in the Journal of Neuroscience (01/2018). Read Full Paper

Teresa M. Evans

Pharmacology Assistant Professor Teresa Evans, Ph.D., featured in 'Two faculty members named to Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 list'

January 4, 2018

Ramesh Grandhi, M.D., assistant professor in the Department of Neurosurgery, and Teresa Evans, Ph.D., Department of Pharmacology and a leader of career development programs in the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, have been named to the San Antonio Business Journal‘s 40 Under 40 list. Read Full Article