Teresa M. Evans


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Teresa M. Evans, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor/Research

Personal Statement:

Research Activities
Graduate Trainee Mental health: The prevalence of stress, anxiety, and depression in the graduate trainee population is not well understood. In order to address this gap in knowledge, an international survey of graduate trainees in both humanities and life sciences that systematically assessed the prevalence of mental health symptomatology was conducted. The results from over three thousand respondents indicated rates of anxiety and depression six times that of the general population.

* https://www.acsh.org/news/2018/03/07/there-mental-health-crisis-among-graduate-school-students-12672
* http://www.sciencemag.org/careers/2018/03/graduate-students-need-more-mental-health-support-new-study-highlights
* https://www.insidehighered.com/news/2018/03/06/new-study-says-graduate-students-mental-health-crisis

K-12 STEM Education and Research Trainee Development:
My research and academic efforts in the areas of K-12 teacher professional development are supported by an NIGMS Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA). Through this award we have engaged research trainees in activities with K-12 teachers in order to foster their communication and teaching skills. Additionally, our team works to develop novel programs through the Teacher Enrichment Initiatives (TEI) that foster STEM Teacher professional development. I have also published a book that addresses the steps that science trainees should take to prepare for success in their career of choice. Further, I have worked with a multidisciplinary team of graduate trainees to showcase the data collected from a city-wide science outreach effort, Science Fiesta. Collectively these efforts showcase the importance of science communication, outreach, and engagement for the professional development of science trainees and teachers.

TEI Website: https://teiteachers.org


• Graduate Trainee Mental Health • Research Commercialization
• Research Trainee Professional Development • K-12 STEM Education

Awards & Accomplishments

Honoree, San Antonio’s 40 under 40 – 2018
Inductee, Western Brown High School Academic Hall of Fame, Mt. Orab, Ohio – 2018
Graduate, Innovative Leadership Program, North San Antonio Chamber, San Antonio, TX – 2018
Member, Forbes Coaches Council – 2017
Invited Protégé, Women’s Leadership Conference, UT System – 2015
Travel Award (ASBMB) – Experimental Biology, Boston, MA – March, 2015
Leadership Award – Woman’s Faculty Association, UT Health San Antonio – May, 2015
Travel Award (ASBMB) – Experimental Biology, San Diego, CA – April, 2014
Seed Grant Awardee – ASBMB Science Outreach – TeenMOB – Oct, 2013
Abstract Winner – Technology Innovation in Novel Translation [TINT] Program – Institute for Integration of Medicine and Science (IIMS),UT Health San Antonio – Oct, 2012
Young Investigator Award – Society for Free Radical Research International Conference, London, England – Sept, 2013
Pre-Doctoral Individual National Research Service Award (NRSA) F31, F31 NS080508, UT Health San Antonio – Aug, 2012
Student Research Award – 3rd Annual Frontiers of Translational Science Research Day – Institute for Integration of Medicine and Science,UT Health San Antonio – Feb, 2012
Pre-Doctoral Institutional National Research Service Award (NRSA) T32 AG021890, UT Health San Antonio – Sep, 2011-Aug, 2012


Chair – UT System Working Group on Graduate Student Career Development -UT Health San Antonio – 2015
Member – Quality Enhancement Plan Task Group, Marketplace Success -UT Health San Antonio – 2015
Board Member – The Health Cell – San Antonio, TX – 2015
Faculty Advisor – Graduate Student Association (GSA) -UT Health San Antonio – 2014-Present
Graduate Career Consortium (GCC) – 2014-Present
GREAT/AAMC – 2014-Present
Member – Science Committee – Mind Science Foundation – San Antonio, TX – 2014-Present
American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) – 2013-Present
Director – Teen Meetings Outside the Box (TeenMOB) – UT Health San Antonio – 2013-Present
Member – Public Outreach Committee – American Society for Biochemisty and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) – 2013-Present
Representative – Student Advisory Council (SAC) – University of Texas System – 2012-2013
Sigma Xi – The Scientific Research Society – 2012-Present
Student Representative – Associate Dean Search Committee -UT Health San Antonio – 2012
Mind Science Foundation – San Antonio, Texas – 2011-Present
Originator and Director – Trainee Meetings Outside the Box (T-MOB) -UT Health San Antonio – 2011-2014
Pharmacology Graduate Student Symposium Committee -UT Health San Antonio – 2011-2014
Student Representative – Committee for Communicating Science -UT Health San Antonio – 2011-2014


ASBMB Science Outreach Seed Grant for the development of a Teen Science Café that provides an opportunity for UT Health San Antonio trainees to interact with local teens, with a focus on under represented minorities students. (Renewed Yearly/3yrs) – 10/2013-10/2016
National Research Service Award (NRSA), National Institute for Neurological Diseases and Stroke (NINDS), The Mechanism Linking Traumatic Brain Injury to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, F31NS080508, UTHSCSA, San Antonio, TX – 08/2012-05-2014
Institutional National Research Service Award (NRSA), Biology of Aging, UTHSCSA, T32AG021890, UT Health San Antonio, Texas – 09/2011-08/2012


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Evans TM., Bhattacharya A, Shi Y, Qi W, Block TJ, Chaudhuri A, Chaudhuri AR, Hawker K, Van Remmen H. Moderate modulation of disease in the G93A model of ALS by the compound 2- (2-hydroxyphenyl)-benzoxazole (HBX). Neurosci Lett. 2016 Jun 15;624:1-7

Selected Abstracts
Evans, TM., Blake, N., McManus, L. and Lichtenstein, M. Building Science Communication Skills through a Network of Graduate Level Trainees, Science Teachers, and High School Teens – Experimental Biology 2015 – Teen Meetings Outside the Box (TeenMOB), Boston Massachusetts, April 2015
Evans, TM. and Blake, N. A program to build skills in science communication through networking of graduate level trainees and high school students – Experimental Biology 2014 – Meetings Outside the Box, San Diego California, April 2014

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