Seminar Series – Elisabeth Glowatzki, Ph.D.

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May 5, 2020



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Elisabeth Glowatzki , Ph.D.
Department of Neuroscience
The Center for Hearing and Balance
Johns Hopkins University

“The sound environment sets dopaminergic modulation of auditory nerve fiber activity”

Videoconference to AT&T 1.120


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About the Speaker(s)

The mammalian auditory system has a number of systems that operate in parallel to adjust the dynamic ranges of auditory nerve fibers and to prevent damage due to sound exposure. Medial efferent olivocochlear (MOC) neurons serve this role via inputs to outer hair cells and lateral olivocochlear (LOC) neurons may serve this role at the synapse between inner hair cells and auditory nerve fibers. LOC neurons originate in the brainstem, and their synapses in the cochlea are strategically located to release a diverse cohort of neurotransmitters onto the unmyelinated ANF dendrites, providing the ability to directly modulate the hair cell induced postsynaptic activity in ANFs. Therefore, LOC fibers are ideal candidates for adjusting the ANF’s dynamic range, and for protecting the IHC afferent synapse from damage due to sound exposure. Here we investigate, how lateral efferent inputs modulate ANF firing on the cellular level, focusing on dopaminergic transmission. Secondly, we investigate, how LOC neurons respond to sound exposure and adjust their modulation of ANF firing.