Seminar Series – “The role of astrocyte cholesterol in neuroinflammation”

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March 27, 2023


School of Medicine, Room 444D

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Seminar Flyer - Scott Hansen

My lab studies the role of astrocyte derived cholesterol in controlling neurons and microglia. In Alzheimer's models, astroctye cholesterol is transported to neurons to control the production of amyloid and Tau proteins. The same cholesterol is transported to microglia where it regulates cytokine production. Under homeostatic conditions the cholesterol regulates the excitability of neurons by regulating the nanoscopic location of enzymes and ion channel. We use two-color super resolution imaging to follow nanoscopic sorting of proteins with cholesterol and the signaling lipid PIP2.

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About the Speaker(s)

Scott Hansen, PhD

Associate Professor

Molecular Medicine and Neuroscience

UF Scripps