Jorge Contreras


Cellular and Integrative Physiology

Jorge Contreras

Graduate Student

Personal Statement:

IBMS Physiology and Pharmacology Discipline

Lab Association: 
Jun Hee Kim, Ph.D.

Hobbies and Interests:
Soccer, music, hiking, and cooking.


B.S. in Cellular & Molecular Biology, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX


I am interested in learning more about auditory circuits to study the neuronal connections and mechanisms involved in hearing deficits using patch-clamp electrophysiology, ABR, and other molecular methods.


Soares, A.G.; Contreras, J.; Archer, C.R.; Mironova, E.; Berdeaux, R.; Stockand, J.D.; Abd El-Aziz, T.M. “Stimulation of The Epithelial Na+ Channel In Renal Principal Cells By Gs-Coupled Designer Receptors Exclusively Activated By Designer Drugs”. Frontiers In Physiology 2021, 12

Soares, A.G.; Mironova, E.; Archer, C.R.; Contreras, J.; Stockand, J.D.; Abd El-Aziz, T.M. “Cisplatin Decreases ENaC Activity Contributing to Renal Salt Wasting Syndrome.” Cancers 2020, 12, 2140