Raphal Perim



Cellular and Integrative Physiology

Raphael Perim, Ph.D.

Research Instructor

Personal Statement:

Lab Affiliation: Glenn M. Toney, Ph.D.   I am a research instructor in Dr. Toney laboratory at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. As an integrative physiologist, I am fascinated by synaptic mechanisms giving rise to plastic changes in cardiovascular and respiratory neuronal network responding to physiological challenges such as acute intermittent hypoxia. Potential therapeutic implications are expected out of this pioneering work as acute episodes of intermittent hypoxia has the capacity to restore beyond spontaneous recovery respiratory and non-respiratory motor function; and yet very little is known about the impact of better cardiovascular regulation on treating conditions leading to hypotension, orthostatic intolerance, and blood flow limitation to the central nervous system such as spinal cord injury.

Recently, I developed a mice preparation to study acute intermittent hypoxia-induced sympathetic long-term facilitation. Sympathetic long-term facilitation is a form of plasticity characterized by a progressive increase in sympathetic nerve activity that last for hours. To study this phenomenon, post-ganglionic renal sympathetic nerve activity is recorded while blood pressure and ventilation are maintained within physiological levels. This mice preparation opens a new realm of possibilities, taking advantage of cutting-edge techniques to design neurophysiological experiments that will greatly improve our understanding of synaptic mechanisms to sympathetic long-term facilitation.

My recent findings revealed robust acute intermittent hypoxia-induced renal sympathetic long-term facilitation in mice for the first time, expanding previous work. I am currently exploring the likely involvement of hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus in driving sympathetic nerve activity and applying optogenetic techniques in vivo and in vitro to selectively stimulate/inhibit specific regions of interested and unravel relevant players.


University of Sao Paulo, School of Medicine of Ribeirao Preto, Department of physiology, Brazil


Neurophysiological experiments Data analysis Statistical analysis

Awards & Accomplishments

Invited Oral Presentation, Control of Breathing Mixer – Experimental Biology (2017) Research Recognition Award, American Physiological Society – Respiratory Section (2017) Invited Oral Presentation, Control of Breathing Mixer – Experimental Biology (2016) McKnight Brain Institute Travel Award, University of Florida (2016) Poster award, University of Florida – Neuroscience Retreat (2016) Poster award, Sao Paulo State University – Bioscience Institute (2013)




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