Cellular and Integrative Physiology

Robert Hammack, M.S.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Personal Statement:

Ph.D. Integrated Biomedical Sciences

Lab Association:
Lynette C. Daws, Ph.D.


M.S., Pharmacology, Georgetown University
B.S., Chemistry, Concordia University Chicago


Robert is studying the how physiological stressors effect contextual fear memory by modulating synaptic strength in the basolateral amygdala.  The latter is hypothesized to critically involve stress-related release of serotonin in the basolateral amygdala and its regulation by serotonin transporters.

Research Topics:
Fear circuity, serotonin, and stress.


Browne CA, Hammack R, Lucki I. Dysregulation of the Lateral Habenula in Major Depressive Disorder. Front Synaptic Neurosci. 2018;10:46.

Queenan BN, Dunn RL, Santos VR, et al. Kappa opioid receptors regulate hippocampal synaptic homeostasis and epileptogenesis. Epilepsia. 2017;59(1):106-122.

Santos VR, Kobayashi I, Hammack R, et al. Impact of strain, sex, and estrous cycle on gamma butyrolactone-evoked absence seizure in rats. Epilepsy Research. 2018;147: 62-70.