Cellular and Integrative Physiology

Yansheng Feng, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Personal Statement:

Lab Affiliation:
Jean C. Bopassa, Ph.D

Professional Experience:

2015.4- now                            Postdoctoral fellow in cardiovascular Department of Cellular and Integrative Physiology, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

2012.9-2105.4                         Research Fellow in cardiovascularThe Department of Pathophysiology, Xinxiang Medical University, Xinxiang, Henan, China


2008.9-2012.6 Ph.D. program in Molecular biology of cardiovascular
The Department of Pathophysiology, Xiangya School of
Medicine, Central South University of China, Changsha,
Hunan, China

2005.9-2008.6 M.S. in Inflammation and septic shock
The Department of Pathophysiology, Xiangya School of
Medicine, Central South University of China, Changsha,
Hunan, China

2000.9-2005.7 B.S. in Clinical medicine
Xinxiang Medical University, Xinxiang, Henan, China



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