Resident Benefits


Salary Level $49,036.77 $50,387.72 $52,008.70 $53,832.38
Liability Insurance (no cost to resident)
$100,000 per claim
$300,00 annual aggregate
Provided by UT System Self-Insurance
Tail coverage provided
Vacation – weekdays 15 15 15 15
Sick Leave – weekdays 10 10 10 10
Administrative leave – weekdays (professional meetings, military leave, USMLE exam, job interview, fellowship interviews, etc. noncumulative) 5 5 5 5
Health benefits: Health, dental, long-term disability, and life insurance are provided at a minimal cost to all residents. Insurance may be purchased for members of the resident’s family.
Employee Assistance Program at University Hospital
Reimbursement of membership dues for APA and TSPP
$500 Education Stipend per year for books, exams, licensure, professional meetings as approved by the program (cumulative)
Funding available to support travel to professional meetings with a poster/presentation/abstract acceptance
Free parking in designated areas at major clinical facilities
Lab coats provided by University Hospital