Trauma Resuscitation Unit Shadowing for LSOM MS1 and MS2 Students

This shadowing opportunity serves to expose Long School of Medicine MS1 and MS2 medical students to the management of trauma patients at UHS within the division of Trauma & Emergency Surgery.  There are a number of objectives outlined below that we hope you will achieve during your time spent with us.

  • Observe a trauma resuscitation
  • Observe a history and physical examination performed by member of trauma team (student/intern/resident)
  • Observe a surgery done by the trauma service
  • Observe procedures done in the ER
    • Washout and closure of laceration
    • Drainage of abscess
    • Removal of foreign body
    • Intubation
    • Central line placement
    • ED thoracotomy
    • Fracture reduction
    • And many more
  • Observe a review of imaging study done by trauma team and correlating it to presenting complaint

A few guidelines must be followed if you are going to take part in this elective

  • Come dressed in scrubs and comfortable shoes.
  • Wear your UTHSCSA badge at all times.
  • If you are signed up for a shift, please show up for the shift unless an emergency comes up.
    Please only sign up for a shift if you are actually going to show up. If not, remove yourself from the list to accommodate other students.
  • On arrival to the emergency room, ask for the trauma pit boss and introduce yourself as a second-year medical student taking part in the elective.
  • These are real patients with real medical problems – professionalism and adherence to patient confidentiality are expected at all times.

Any questions related to the shadowing experience may be directed to: