Conferences – September 2020

Conference Schedule

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9/2/2020 Wednesday7:00 AM238APreopDr. Basler/FacultyAll
9/4/2020 Friday6:45 AM238AUroOncology: Intravesical Therapy in NMIBC (mitomycin, gemcitabine, BCG, and others). Dr. IbiliborDrs. Liss, Kaushik & PruthiDrs. Cooper and Dalton
9/7/2020 MondayHoliday - Labor Day
9/9/2020 Wednesday7:00 AM238ACase ConferenceDr. KaushikDr. Oelsen
9/11/2020 Friday6:45 AM238ATBDDr. Botros-BreyDr. Gasiorek
9/14/2020 Monday7:00 AM238AM&M: Optimizing Outcomes in Urologic Surgery: Post-operativeDr. Basler/FacultyDr. Hamilton
9/16/2020 Wednesday7:00 AM238APreopDr. Basler/FacultyAll
9/18/2020 Friday6:45 AM238AUroOncology: New Immunotherapies in Advanced Bladder cancer. Dr. RamamurthyDrs. Liss, Kaushik & PruthiDrs. Cooper and Dalton
9/21/2020 Monday6:30 AM238AFaculty MeetingAll FacultyNA
9/23/2020 Wednesday6:45 AM238AJournal Club: Group Presentations/Medical Student PresentationsDr. Basler/FacultyAll
9/25/2020 Friday6:45 AM238ANeuroUrology: NGB 2Dr. Kraus and Botros-BreyDr. Gasiorek
9/28/2020 Monday7:00 AMALTC 3.303Pediatrics: Renal dysgenesis and cystic disease of the kidneyDrs. Goetz & BaumgartnerDrs. Norman and Samuelson
9/30/2020 Wednesday6:45 AM238AProgram PresentationDr. KrausAll
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