Conferences – April 2021

April Guest Lecturers - Dr. Angela Smith and Dr. Jay Shah

Visiting Professor, Dr. Steven J. Hudak

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4/2/2021 Friday06:45238AUroOncology: Kidney Cancer - Systemic therapy and Trials, Cytoreductive Surgery. Dr. IbiliborDrs. Liss, Kaushik & PruthiDrs. Oelsen and Digman
4/5/2021 Monday 07:00238ATrauma & Reconstruction: Diagnosis and Management of Peyronie’s diseaseDr. Alex RozanskiDrs. Dalton and Oelsen
07:45238ASexual Medicine: Female Sexual Dysfunction - TreatmentDrs. Jones/Case/KavoussiDrs. Searvance and Gillcrist
4/7/2021 Wednesday07:00238APreopDr. Basler/FacultyAll
4/9/2021 Friday06:45238AVisiting Professor Practice Case PresentationsDrs. Basler and RozanskiAll
4/12/2021 Monday07:00238AM&M: Teneja - Section #7 Complications of Extirpative SurgeryDr. Basler/FacultyDr. Dalton
4/14/2021 Wednesday06:30238AVisiting Professor Practice Case PresentationsDrs. Basler and RozanskiAll
4/16/2021 Friday06:45238AWellness: Time Management in a Digital World. Guest Lecturer: Dr. Angie Smith, Associate Professor and Vice Chair of Academic Affairs for the Department of Urology at the University of North Carolina.AllAll
4/19/2021 Monday06:30238AFaculty Meeting/Faculty DevelopmentAll FacultyNA
4/21/2021 Wednesday07:00238APreopDr. Basler/FacultyAll
4/23/2021 Friday06:45238ANeuro-urology: Urinary Retention in the nonneurogenic patient- considerations for managementDr. Kraus and Botros-BreyDr. Enenmoh
4/23/2021 Friday12:00ALTC 3.302Visiting Professor: Urotrauma in 2021: Standards, Controversies, and Unanswered Questions and Things I Wish I Knew: Mid-Career Reflections of a “Young” Urologist. Dr. Steven J. Hudak, Associate Professor of Urology at UT Southwestern Medical Center.All All
4/26/2021 Monday07:00238APediatric: Vesicoureteral reflux and UTIDrs. Goetz & BaumgartnerDrs. Satsangi and Sridhar
4/28/2021 Wednesday06:30238AJournal Club: Group Presentations/Medical Student PresentationsDr. Basler/FacultyAll
4/30/2021 Friday06:45238AQI: How to Succeed in Medicine: Forget IQ, It's Your QI That Matters. Guest lecturer: Dr. Jay Shah, Urologic Oncologist at Stanford University.AllAll