Conferences – February 2021

Conference Schedule

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2/1/2021 Monday07:00:00238AGeneral Urology: BPH, LUTS - Treatment IIDr. BaslerDrs. Oelsen and Enenmoh
07:45:00238ASexual Medicine: Female Sexual Dysfunction - EvaluationDrs. Jones/Case/KavoussiDrs. Satsangi and Digman
2/3/2021 Wednesday07:00:00238APreopDr. Basler/FacultyAll
2/5/2021 Friday06:45:00ALTC 3.302UroOncology: Bladder Cancer Exam ReviewDrs. Liss, Kaushik & PruthiDrs. Herrera and Gillcrist
2/8/2021 Monday07:00:00238AM&M: Teneja - Section #6 Complications of Laparoscopic/Robotic ProceduresDr. Basler/FacultyDr. Hamilton
2/10/2021 Wednesday07:00:00238ACase ConferenceDr. KaushikDr. Rickborn
2/12/2021 Friday06:45:00238ANeuro-urology: Case Presentation (patient with mixed incontinence - stress predominant)Drs. Kraus, Botros-Brey Dr. Samuelson
2/15/2021 MondayPresident's Day - No conference
2/17/2021 Wednesday07:00:00238APreopDr. Basler/FacultyAll
2/19/2021 Friday06:45:00238AUroOncology: AUA Guideline: Renal Mass and Localized Renal Cancer (2017). Resident Lecture.Drs. Liss, Kaushik & PruthiDrs. Herrera and Gillcrist
2/22/2021 Monday07:00:00238APediatric: Adrenal Embryology, Adrenal TumorsDrs. Goetz & BaumgartnerDrs. Searvance and Gasiorek
2/24/2021 Wednesday06:45:00238AJournal Club: Group Presentations/Medical Student Presentations Dr. Basler/FacultyAll
2/26/2021 Friday06:45:00238ANeuro-urology: Bladder pain- assessment/diagnosis/managementDrs. Kraus, Botros-BreyDr. Enenmoh