Conferences – July 2021

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7/2/2021 Friday07:00:00238AUroOncology: Overview of Research Projects/ Other GU cancers: Scrotal ca, Sarcoma, Paratesticular mass, Melanoma, LymphomaDr. Basler/FacultyDrs. Norman and Gasiorek
7/5/2021 MondayNo Conference. July 4th Holiday.
7/7/2021 Wednesday06:45:00238AResident and Faculty Photos/Preop AllAll
7/9/2021 Friday07:00:00238ANeuroUrology: Pop QuizDrs. Kraus and Botros-BreyDr. Hall
7/12/2021 Monday06:45:00VirtualM&M: AUA - Optimizing Outcomes in Urologic Surgery: Pre-operative Drs. Basler/GoetzDr. Hamilton
7/14/2021 Wednesday07:00:00238ACase ConferenceDr. Basler/FacultyDr. Searvance
7/16/2021 Friday07:00:00238AUroOncology: Testis Cancer Pathology. Dr. Furman.Dr. Basler/FacultyDrs. Norman and Gasiorek
7/19/2021 Monday06:30:00238AFaculty MeetingAll FacultyNA
7/21/2021 Wednesday07:00:00VirtualPreop All All
7/23/2021 Friday07:00:00238ANeuroUrology: UDS 1Drs. Kraus and Botros-BreyDr. Hall
7/26/2021 Monday06:45:00Cactus Garden/238AResident and Faculty Photos/Trauma and Reconstruction: Genital and Lower Tract Trauma Management Dr. Alex RozanskiDrs. Stewart and Samuelson
7/28/2021 Wednesday06:30:00238AMedical Student Presentations/Journal Club: Literature ReviewDr. SvatekAll
7/30/2021 Friday06:30:00238AMedical Student Presentations/Wellness: Mental Health Awareness DiscussionDrs. Botros Brey and GoetzAll