Conferences – June 2021

Conference Schedule

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6/2/2021 Wednesday07:00238APreopDr. Basler/FacultyAll
6/4/2021 Friday06:45ALTC 2.217, 2.218, 2.219 and 2.220Mock Oral Board ExamDrs. Pruthi, Basler, Goetz and KrausDrs. Oelsen, Cooper, Rickborn and Herrera
6/7/2021 Monday07:00238AGeneral Urology: Urologic conditions in pregnancy & OB conditions of Urologic ImportDr. BaslerDrs. Rickborn and Enenmoh
07:45238ASexual Medicine: Topic STBD.Drs. Jones/Case/KavoussiDrs. Searvance and Gillcrist
6/9/2021 Wednesday07:00238ACase ConferenceDr. KaushikDr. Herrera
6/11/2021 Friday06:45238ANeuro-urology: Mesh Controversy/Case presentation - Mesh in bladder with stones, dyspareunia, recurrent suiDrs. Kraus and Botros-BreyDr. Samuelson
6/14/2021 Monday06:30238AMedical Student Presentations/M&M: Teneja - Section #9 Complications of Pediatric SurgeryDr. Basler/FacultyDr. Dalton
6/16/2021 Wednesday06:30238AMedical Student Presentations/PreopDr. Basler/FacultyAll
6/18/2021 Friday06:30238AMedical Student Presentations/UroOncology: Renal Masses and New (2019) Bosniak Classification - Dr. Khanna.Drs. Liss, Kaushik & PruthiDrs. Oelsen and Digman
6/19/2021 Saturday06:00 pmMagnolia HausGraduation CelebrationAllAll
6/21/2021 Monday06:30238AFaculty MeetingAll FacultyNA
6/23/2021 Wednesday07:00238AJournal Club: Group PresentationsDr. Basler/FacultyAll
06/25/2021 Friday06:45238ANeuro-urology: Case Presentation-radiated fistula- evaluation and managementDrs. Kraus and Botros-BreyDr. Samuelson
6/25/2021 Friday08:00ALTC 2.219PGY 1 and PGY 2 Bootcamp/OrientationDrs. Basler and GoetzPGY 1's and 2's
6/28/2021 Monday07:00ALTC 2.219RCA Training - Dr. Lisa HutchersonAllAll
6/28/2021 Monday08:00ALTC 2.219PGY 1 and PGY 2 Bootcamp/OrientationDrs. Basler and GoetzPGY 1's and 2's
6/30/2021 Wednesday07:00238AWellness: Microaggression TrainingDr. Botros-BreyAll