Conferences – November 2020

Conference Schedule

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11/2/2020 Monday07:00ALTC 3.301AUA Guidelines for ISEDr. Goetz and KrausDrs. Herrera and Stewart
11/4/2020 Wednesday07:00ALTC 3.301AUA Guidelines for ISE #2Dr. Basler/Dr. GoetzAll
11/6/2020 Friday06:45ALTC 3.302UroOncology: AUA In-service Exam reviewDrs. Liss, Kaushik and PruthiDrs. Rickborn and Hamilton
11/9/2020 Monday07:00ALTC 3.302M&M: Teneja - Section #3 Scenarios predisposing to complication and AUA Guidelines ReviewDr. Basler/FacultyDr. Satsangi
11/11/2020 Wednesday07:00ALTC 3.302AUA Guidelines ExamDr. Basler and GoetzDr. Herrera
11/13/2020 Friday06:45238ANeuroUrology: ISE ReviewDrs. Kraus and Botros-BreyDr. Sridhar
11/16/2020 Monday06:30238AFaculty MeetingAll FacultyNA
11/16/2020 Monday07:00ALTC 3.302AUA Guidelines ReviewDrs. Basler and GoetzAll
11/18/2020 Wednesday07:00ALTC 3.301AUA Review QuizDr. Basler and GoetzAll
11/20/2020 Friday06:45238AUroOncology: AUA inservice Exam reviewDrs. Liss, Kaushik and PruthiDrs. Rickborn and Hamilton
11/23/2020 Monday07:00238APediatrics: Canceled
11/25/2020 WednesdayJournal Club: Canceled
11/27/2020 FridayHoliday - Thanksgiving
11/30/2020 Monday07:00238AResearch: RNA Methylation in Prostrate Cancer. Dr. XuDrs. Rodriguez and LeachAll