Conferences – July 2019

Event DateEvent TimeLocationTopicFacultyResident
7/1/2019-Monday7:00 AM238AResident MeetingDr. Basler
7/3/2019-Wednesday7:00 AM238APreopAll
7/5/2019-Friday6:45 AM238AUrodynamicsDrs. Kraus & Botros-BreyDr. Dalton
7/8/2019-Monday7:00 AM238AM & M Teneja – Section #1 Preoperative Assessment and Perioperative managementAllDrs. Herrera, JC & Stewart
7/10/2019-Wednesday7:00 AM238ACase ConferenceDr. KaushikDr. Rivero
7/12/2019-Friday6:45 AM238AMol Pathways of malignancy, Directed therapy & Chemo agentsDrs. Liss, Kaushik & PruthiDrs. Cooper & Searvance
7/15/2019-Monday7:00 AMALTC 2.219Sexual Medicine General & Surgical management of Impotence Drs. Jones, Case & Kavoussi Drs. Barney & Satsangi
7/17/2019-Wednesday7:00 AM238APre-Op All
7/19/2019-Friday6:45 AM238ATestis CA – 1 Epidemiology, genetics and pathology, work-up, tumor markers, staging, prognostic groups Drs. Liss, Kaushik & Pruthi Drs. Cooper & Searvance
7/22/2019-Monday7:00 AM238ABladder exstrophy and epispadias by Dr. Baumgartner Drs. Goetz & Baumgartner Drs. Oelsen & Digman
7/24/2019-Wednesday 6:45 AM238AMedical student presentation and Journal Club Dr. Basler All
7/26/2019-Friday7:00 AM238AQI Projects Dr. BaslerAll
7/29/2019-Monday6:45 AM238AResearch: Oncology-based research; Medical Student Presentations Dr. Svatek
7/31/2019-Wednesday7:00 AM238AWellnessDr. Botros-Brey