The Interview Process

Like some other schools, we have adopted a panel interview process that allows us to evaluate the students in a more structured setting and shortens the amount of time and hopefully stress, necessary to get an idea about the students’ fit for our program.  The panel consists of the program director and 2-4 other faculty, who have not participated in any of the other evaluation committees reviewing application materials including letters of recommendation, personal statement, grades and research activities.  The interview lasts 20-25 minutes and is designed with specific intent.  Questions are posed to the candidate to get a feel for their ability to communicate, their outlook on life, their ability to think through a problem and their personality traits.  Generally, no medical knowledge base is being examined and for many of the questions, there are no ‘right’ answers.   A score for the interview is determined by the committee and submitted as a weighted component along with the others by the earlier committees.  This year, students will be given the opportunity to ask current residents and faculty questions during virtual open house and meet & greet events.

At the conclusion of the interview days, a final weighted score for each applicant is calculated from the scores submitted by each committee. This becomes the basis for the preference list to be submitted to the AUA match in January.  The faculty meets immediately after the interviews to review this list and make minor adjustments as needed.  Once completed, the list is submitted and the process is complete.

San Antonio and the South Texas Area:

San Antonio is situated in the heart of south Texas and is blessed with relatively warm winters and very warm summers.  The cost of living is low, and livability is high.  Major contributors to the economy of the area include several military bases, the University of Texas & the Health Sciences Center and the USAA insurance and investment company.  As a vacation destination, there are 3 major theme parks (Six Flags Fiesta Texas, Schlitterbahn & Sea World), the Mission Trail and the Riverwalk. For comprehensive information about San Antonio take a moment to visit the UT Health visitor site.  Other links about Texas and San Antonio are listed to the right.